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SJ Pulse

An Exclusive Research Community with Automatic Rewards

The SJ Pulse Community

Many Survey Junkie members have joined SJ Pulse, our unique community of people who passively share their digital behaviors for market research purposes.

How SJ Pulse works

To participate in SJ Pulse, you have two options: install it on your computer, or opt in via the Survey Junkie app.

As always, you are free to choose how you participate in SJ pulse, whether on your computer, phone, or both.

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How it works

Once you’ve opted in, the SJ Pulse tech gets to work in the background, automatically tracking digital activities such as:

What you search

Websites you visit

Apps you use

Products you shop for

Advertisements you view

We value your privacy

Privacy friendly

Always 100% Secure

Browsing behaviors are used for market research purposes to analyze how various consumer groups behave. Secure information — such as passwords or credit card details — is never collected, and personally identifiable information is masked by encryption.

To learn more, check out our page on
How Insights are Shared

Privacy friendly

Always 100% Secure

Earn rewards passively

When you join the SJ Pulse community, you automatically earn points with Survey Junkie! Points you earn are redeemable for real money, sent via Paypal, wire transfer, check, or gift card.

There’s no easier way to participate in market research and be rewarded for what you share!

Qualify for exclusive surveys

People who choose to join the SJ Pulse community may also qualify for exclusive surveys. Unlock more opportunities to earn rewards by sharing your opinion when you share digital activity via SJ Pulse, as well.